What's the appeal of On30?

On30 model railway gauge is regarded as the fastest growing in the O scale. Because narrow-gauge railways models can also round tight radius curves, it is allowing layouts be built in confined spaces at home.

Proponents of the scale suggest the appeal lies in the models representing quaint narrow gauge prototypes. The scale gives the models a certain bulk, and allows details to be easily seen compared with HO scale. At the same time electrically and mechanically it is the same as the very popular HO scale, ensuring reliability of operation. Lastly, models are cheaper to purchase than those produced for On2, On3 or larger scales such as G gauges.

Sporadic critics from clamour model railroader, particularly in the United States, point to the inaccurate track gauge, especially when modelling 2 ft (610 mm) or 3 ft (914 mm) gauge prototypes. They also dislike the tendency to modify HO models, claiming this produces freelance models that would not have been built in reality.


On30 - Midwest Quarry & Mining Co. Sound Ready 14-Ton Two-Truck Stearns-Heisler

On30 - Midwest Quarry & Mining Co. Sound Ready 14-Ton Two-Truck Stearns-Heisler

The Stearns-Heisler continues our collection of geared steam locomotives along with our On30 Shay and Climax. This 14-ton two-truck engine was an early Heisler, manufactured from the late 1890s. Bachmann has delivered a DCC-equipped model with all the fine detailing you expect from our Spectrum® line, along with 16-bit Tsunami® plug-and play sound capability. (Separate-sale Item No. 44953, Stearns-Heisler Sound Module, required for sound on board performance)

Features include:

· DCC-equipped for speed, direction, and lighting control

· die-cast construction

· all gear drive

· enclosed gearbox

· metal driveshafts and heavy-duty universals

· prototype-powered trucks

· constant soft white LED lighting

· choice of three stack included

· contoured wheel spokes per prototype

· blackened brass railings

· factory-installed speakers

· E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers


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On30 - V-Dump Car - 3-Pack

On30 - V-Dump Car - 3-Pack

Equipped With Body-Mounted E-Z Mate® Mark II Couplers and die-cast frames.


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